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Difference Between Independent Escorts and Agency Escorts: Which One Is Right for You


Beautiful cuties are the desire of all people who want to enjoy sex. Who does not want a hot, spicy, pampering, gossiping, and adoring ladylove in life? But getting such a lady in bed is surely a matter of great excitement. Most people search for sensitive, responsive, and hot ladies in bed when they desire to hire someone in bed in a hotel room.

When you are about to search for such a lady in bed, where will you get them? You must open your lappy or turn on the data of your smartphone to search for the most beautiful escorts available in Delhi.

The search terms would be “call girls in Delhi”, “beautiful escorts in Delhi”, “hot girls in Delhi”, “independent escorts”, “elite escorts”, “VIP escorts”, and more. You know every term has some meaning. Some girls are available for a very cheap rate, and others are very costly. What is the difference between these two services? You may also get beautiful girls at a very affordable cost. Yes, you have caught it right. Something different is there when the cost matters.

Premium, sensitive, responsive, and elite category girls who are not by profession call girls or prostitutes are under the category of elite and independent escorts. On the other hand, the girls who serve customers one by one throughout the day from the morning to the evening are regular or cheap call girls and prostitutes. They might be beautiful, but they will not be able to satisfy you as they are not responsive to any of your activities. This topic will be discussed in detail with a practical explanation. So, just carry on. The truth we are going to disclose remains hidden everywhere. We are going to unveil it.

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Why should you know the difference between them?

It is a true question why should you hire girls of high cost when you are getting a girl for such a cheap cost? If you do not know the internal truth, you will lose the amount that you have paid for the lady. No, you may not be cheated (or maybe!) totally. But when you hire elite and independent escorts you will be gained more than 100%. Be dependent on agency escorts, you will get the former type of girls, and when you depend on independent escorts managed by a manager, you will genuinely avail of the service with more than 100% satisfaction. Moreover, there is no chance of being cheated.

In this article, we will disclose the internal details of escort services provided by an agency and provided by managers. Once you get complete information, you will never choose the…. No, decide for yourself whom you want to choose to hire the most luxurious escorts for meeting your pleasure for a night. Carry on reading. This is the first time we are going to disclose the truest for all the clients who desired to get enjoyment over everything.

What Are Independent Escorts?

Independent escorts are non-professional escorts unlike regular call girls and prostitutes. They have a personal and social life, special lifestyle, and work environment and attending to clients is not their regular job. They only provide services in their free time, after finishing their regular duties. Hence, models, cover page girls, red carpet ladies, corporate girls, students, housewives, air hostesses, and passionate cosy girls who enjoy their sex lives with clients just for enjoying fantasy and adding fantasy to their lives.

When you want someone for making love in the hotbed in a hotel room, what will you want? You will surely want someone friendly, loving, gossiping, amiable and easily become friends with you. You will get all you expect from these independent girls. you will never feel that the girl is not known to you a few minutes before. All these girls are not regular call girls, and their entire figure is tight. As soon as you touch these girls, they will respond like a hungry beast. Won’t you want this from your bed partner for a night?

These girls work under a MANAGER. When you have to contact them, you have to call the manager as they may be on their working floor, modelling shooting, in the aeroplane, studying or doing household work. For not being regular call girls, they are not always available. So, contact the manager and know which girls are available at your scheduled time. The manager will show you the images, describe them, their figure and activities, and then you can hire one from them.


Which service do they provide: incall or outcall?

Usually, the manager provided elite escort services has been provided exclusively outcall services. All the popular escorts are available in the renowned cities of Delhi and not unpopular areas. They usually have contracts and collaboration with the hotel managers. So, it is easy to authenticate the customers/ clients. If you are in a hotel and want to enjoy the hot elite escorts, you must hire an independent escort by contacting a manager.

Why are they called elite or independent escorts?

You will understand why they are elite and always different from regur call girls or prostitutes. They are elite in the sense that they are not in the category who start the day with a morning refreshment, wear a panty and start entertaining the clients. They have to satisfy customers ranging from 6 to 9. These jobs have to continue for the whole month and year.

If you count 9 customers a day for 30 days, it counts 270 times in a month and 12×270 counts 3,240. Now, can you imagine how many customers they have to satisfy in a year? Surely the number tells you what happens with them. They never have any sense or fantasy of erotic pleasure. They never respond to your titillation, or excitement or never show eagerness in the serious climax of a sex or orgasmic situation.

But the escorts under the independent and elite categories are totally different. They are engaged in their regular job and will attend to your bed when they are free. They have sensitivity, excitement, and fantasies about having sex. They enjoy it a lot and make you enjoy it. They like to make love in all possible poses and postures.

They are elite in the sense that their sex lives are exclusively reared for the people who have the capability to touch them, undress them, kiss them, love them, and make them utterly excited for a night. They are not ordinary girls and they do not allow everybody to undress them. They are not engaged in professional money-making through 24/7 prostitution. They are your real friend for a night and can make you happy being a ladylove for a night.

Advantages of hiring an independent escort

Technology has changed the world of escort services, and fraud has covered the entire world. As technology can offer you the best and deceive you. When you paid for a service and did not get it. How would you feel then? Yes, this happens when you subscribe to any unprofessional escort agency, and they assure you they offer the best models in the city, but after getting paid, they suddenly go out of network. Or you can get someone at the last moment of the night when you paid for it for the whole night. This goes on in the entire escort service-providing agencies.

These are the pains we feel for the customers, and so we ensure that you will get genuine service at a genuine cost at a genuine time with the full flavour of enjoyment. Here are some salient benefits that you will get from all the genuine independent elite escorts.

  • Service on time

The primary promise of a reputed independent escort is to reach in time before the time you have a contract with the manager. They know that when you are desired so much by an elite lady, to enjoy the moment from the evening. They reach on time, so your waiting time doesn’t hurt you. You never have to spend a monotonous, tedious intervening period when you have booked independent escorts. They keep their promises of time. If the time is scheduled at 7 pm, they reach there before the time, not at 3 am before the night ends. Probably, you have understood the punctuality of their promises.

  • Genuine girls in your room

Independent escort service-providing managers never send girls who are not in the contract. You have chosen one girl, and you have noticed that another girl is in your bedroom. Your mind will break down in tears. As there is no other way to get the payment back because you have pained them in advance.

But, when you are with independent escorts, you will always get genuine girls that you have booked. They will never break their word. Very few independent escort service providers are available in Delhi. But if you book the most reputed independent escort managers, you will always get the same girl you have booked and paid for. The deceiving tendencies of agency-provided escorts are disappointing. The managers feel the pain and always send you the right girls to make your night enjoyable completely.

  • No advanced payment

No, they never take your advance payment. Probably, these words make you overconfident that you will receive the service that the independent escort managers will provide you with the same service that you desire.

Yes, you will indeed receive the service without paying a single paisa in advance. However, there are some simple terms. You have to show your payment receipt from the hotel and show the room number of the hotel. The independent escorts manager will call the land number of the five-star rated hotel, and you have to pick up the phone for confirmation.

However, the frauds are full of agency escort services and customers as well. Customers may also make a false call sometimes. If you are not on the spot but want to book a particular girl in your bed for complete enjoyment in advance, you also have some options. Most of the cases, the clients are not fake, but sometimes they are! Therefore, you have to show the complete payment of the hotel booking receipt must be shown after getting over the booking cancellation date. That means you have to send the booking confirmation after the cancellation date is over. To know more about it, you can contact the manager directly.

  • A friend in need

How long will you spend in sex with a girl? Merely 20 to 30 minutes! So, after the enjoyment, the moments will be boring. You may appear a maximum of 3 to 4 times in the entire night. How will you spend the rest of the night?

You can spend the night with gossiping and sharing everything with her. All the independent Delhi escorts are loving, gossiping, and entertaining. They will make you entertained for the entire night with lots of fun and joy.

Again, it is noticed that people in this world are very lonely by nature. They leave their families for jobs, business, and education. They stay alone leaving their dear and near ones. So, they need someone to spend time with and speak out loud all about joy, victory, sadness and mournful or distressful experiences. Sadly enough, they have nobody to share all these experiences of life. They want a real company to share all these episodes. So, you have to contact independent escorts to enjoy all these moments and share all that you want to share. They are very amiable in gossiping, about their own life, challenges, and fortunes. So, the moments will spend very efficiently with the girls.

  • Spending moments in candlelight dinner

You can also enjoy a candlelight dinner like a girlfriend-boyfriend mood. This will make you more enjoyable, charming and with glee in mind. So, you can decorate your evening and night as your mood desires. The girls will give you the cordial company that you want. You will always feel that you have a girlfriend and real company for the moment. The best part of the intimate moments of having sex will be the additional part of the night. Your enjoyment outside the room and inside will give a combined force of exclusive enjoyment.

  • Sex Chat and Alluring Conversation

Once you confirmed the booking, you can also chat with the elite escorts if they are available for the time. You can also enjoy a beautiful moment over the phone. Not, it is not for the chatting of adult sex and related matters. You can enjoy jolly adoration, gossiping, sharing happy moments, the ups and downs of your life, love, heartbreak, and all. They will also amusingly share their personal details. So, it is also a part of the service. If you want to enjoy your moments with gossiping and chatting, you can enjoy the service.

  • Intimate relationships and foreplay

When you both are ready to make love after evening dinner or light pegs of wine, you can start all you want. The model in the room is yours for the night, and you can enjoy the moments as many ways as you want. You can start moving apart the dresses of the lady you have chosen to enjoy.

They are smiling, amusing and friendly. So, the lovemaking episodes will be continued amusingly. They start massaging her body, and boobs and kiss her all sensual areas to make her ready. In reciprocal, she will also start bringing out your dick and massaging you to make you ready.

No, it is not only the massage of the secret part but also the blow job that you may desire from the independent ladies. If you want to enjoy complete ejaculation through the blowjob, you can continue it. With complete satisfaction, you will reach the climax, ejaculate and spit out the scum. The models you have chosen will enjoy it and play with the semen. The erotic pleasure is what you can enjoy with the oddities.

delhi escorts
  • Vaginal and Anal sex

When you are ready to make love with the girls, make her ready and she too will make you ready for various activities of massaging and blowjobs. Making a girl ready and excited to active performance is amazing for a man in performance. You can make chew the clitoral area and make the honeycomb full of honey. The dew will drop and fall in all directions. The girl will wrench in pleasure and excitement. Everybody wants the moment when the women sound with excitement about making love and during lovemaking. This means that the girl is enjoying the performance with all her body and mind.

During the lovemaking sessions, men want to enjoy this moment along with personal enjoyment. If the girl is not responsive and does not show any sensation during the lovemaking sessions, it is better to buy a sex doll and lie with it. Whenever you choose an agency escort leave the manager-operated independent escorts. They are amazing in your lovemaking bed. You will feel a different charm in bed that you have never enjoyed. Enjoy as long as you can with the girl. They are not the girl to defeat in the competition for having sex. So, run a long race with the girl and get enjoyed complete satisfaction, climax, ejaculation, and orgasm.

Spread the cream over the body of the lady: over the abdomen, bust and face. They will enjoy it with great pleasure. If you do not enjoy the erotic pleasure with the girls, what is the meaning of a session of having sex? You can do it with your hand in the hidden corner of the room in front of your laptop or smartphone playing an adult movie. You have hired an independent escort. So, you have a lot of desires, the ladies will meet your demand.

Next, it comes to some erotic pleasure. You must have enjoyed vaginal lovemaking sessions just now. You can also continue to have anal sex with the girls. However, you have to mention before hiring the girls whether the escort is accustomed to anal sessions. If you desire it and hire such an escort, you can enjoy your sessions with her.

  • Posting and postures

Most men and women want to enjoy lovemaking sessions full of poses and postures of all types. Independent escorts are habituated to make love in the way you want. So, you can desire missionary sessions, doggy style, upside-down style, climbing style sex, and whatnot. They will give you much enjoyment all through the night that you will never understand when the night has passed. Your mind and body will get such stamina that you will never express yourself in words. We are sure that you will find the escort manager again and again whenever you are in Delhi. Every moment will give you a different experience and create a memory that you will never forget.

  • Next of lovemaking

You will get close adoration and intimate moments after the long run of your sprint. If you want to enjoy after-lovemaking sessions, you can embrace each other in the cool rooms of five-star hotels. Just feel the breath each other’s breath and enjoy heartbeats after the session. This is the cooling session after intimate sessions of lovemaking, climax and orgasm.

  • More than sex

Now, you can relax for a moment and enjoy the sessions you have enjoyed. Remember the sessions of each moment, each exciting sense, climax and ejaculation. You cannot start gossiping with each other to enjoy the moment. Again, start sharing your life, your business, ups and downs, heartbreak, family responsibilities, most memorable events and more. Enjoy the moment until you go to the next session. As long as you are active the elite independent girls will also remain active with you. They are super sensual lovemaking experts.

  • Enjoy Discretion

Elite Escorts always use their personal names and behave very politely with all the clients. They also keep the information of the clients private. When you spend time with luxurious and high-class escorts, they always concentrate on your happiness apart from lovemaking sessions.

  • Value for Money

Everybody wants to get back the same amount he paid. When you pay for a lady from independent escorts, you will remain mentally and physically happy in all respects. They are professional, amiable, classy, and play the best role in lovemaking sessions. After spending a night with them, you will surely feel that your money is spent for the right purposes. You will never be cheated.

  • Exclusive outcall service

All the girls of independent Delhi escorts will reach your five-star rated hotel on their own in time. They usually do not provide incall services. In the vast Delhi, you will get them in your room for the night.

  • Cost-customised Shots

If you do not enjoy the service for the entire night, you can also get the service for some segments: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and overnight (6 to 10 hours). So, as per your requirements, you can enjoy classy and enjoyable shots. Contact the manager of elite escorts and learn about the variable charges based on duration.

Disadvantages of Independent Escorts

There are no such disadvantages to hiring independent escorts. However, you have to be cautious about sharing your number with the elite escorts and the escorts must not share their contact details with each other. 

It is strictly restricted. Still, you may share the contact details during the intimate moments. What happens to you when you share the contact details? You may consider that you can call the girls at a cheaper cost, and the girl may consider that they will earn the entire money from the clients. Here is the twist.

PLEASE READ with deep attention: Suppose you collect the number of the girl and ask her to your room wherever you like. She went there and capture some intimate images of being too close to your mind. Can you imagine what may happen next? Your life is gone, and you will be cheated, and they may blackmail you every time they need money. Your life, prestige, and family life will all reach the grip of the girls and you will be sucked out if they want to do it. 

LISTEN to the ELITE Escorts! I am sharing a real experience with you. A client took the number of an elite girl and called a secret place where they were 8 to 10 men. As soon as the girl entered the room, they all jumped on the girl and they raped frequently one by one for the entire night. In the morning, they had thrown away the lady to the roadside halfdead. Now, consider the fact of what happens for a little mistake. So, consider not sharing your number and relying on the managers. They will offer you the best and safe service so that you stay protected.

PLEASE DON’T SHARE your number, either you are a client or an independent escort. Otherwise, everything is excellent. 

Tips For Finding and Hiring a Reliable Independent Escort

In this world of fraud, it is difficult to find reliable independent escorts. You have to be faithful to the escort managers, and your luck. No, you cannot find anyone genuine in this way. Let’s have some tips and tricks to find genuine independent escorts.

model escorts

Don’t find it too affordable

If someone offers you elite and model escorts at only a few thousand rupees, you have to think about it twice. If you get trapped with a few thousand rupees, you may not get an escort to your room. The money will be forfeited. 

If you get anyone in the room, the girl might be over-aged, odd-looking, and regular call girls, not premium ones. 

They might miss the time. They may send you the escorts for a few hours while you hired them for the entire night. 

Find managers, not agencies 

Usually, independent escorts are managed by managers and not operated by the agency. So, find the managers who have been reliably working in this field for a long time.

How to find genuine independent escorts services?

  • They do not ask for money in advance:

Usually, genuine escorts service providers never ask you for money in advance. They ask for money as soon as the girls reach the spot. You may pay online for security purposes. But genuine elite and independent escorts never ask for money in advance. So, avoid those who demand money in advance. 

  • Rating and reputation 

In India, people are very sensitive to asking anything about sex, sex girls and sexuality or escort service-providing managers. Still, you can find website ratings on Google. There, you will get to know how the rating and reviews the customers have provided. Thus, you can choose the best independent escorts for your need. 

  • May be irritating for you

If any escort service provider asks so many questions to you about your present hotel booking, or booking receipt, but never demands money; you can consider that they are genuine. Only genuine service providers cross-check you, but the frauds try to pocket your money with so many sweet words. 

In this way, you can select the best independent escorts for your need. But how will you differentiate between agency escorts and independent escorts? Carry on and learn.

What are agency escorts?

Agency escorts are the most affordable escort service providers who have some escorts at hand but might not be qualitative. Usually, they have call girls or prostitutes on hand, who stay engaged in satisfying the clients from the morning to the evening. They do not get time to be busy with their personal work, business, or jobs. Sex with clients from morning to evening is their only job and they get paid for it. 

Let’s have some crucial ideas about them:

They are sometimes known as call girls and the most common words used for them are prostitutes. So, call girls are nothing, but an agency-operated low-cost service where you will get girls involved in sex from the start of the day to the end. They wake up in the morning, make ready for client satisfaction, wear pants, and start the job. They are cheap entertainers for men. 

This does not mean that they are not beautiful, busty, or attractive. They might attractive but they might not have sensuality and romanticism in mind and sensual excitement in their body. 

When they have to attend to 7 to 9 clients each day in the 12 hours, how would they remain sensitive to your touches? If you roughly calculate the count for a year, it goes to 9*30*365= 98,550. If you notice the count, you will notice the vast number that they have to handle each year. They might not be healthy in their sexual lives. The romance, sensitivity, and response to your touch and activity will tend to zero. 

Hiring such a lady for the whole night might be the night spent with a sex doll available for a few hundred rupees. 

Advantages of hiring agency escorts: 

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. So, agency escorts have some advantages. Hiring them would be a very cost-effective option for spending a night with a beautiful lady. You have to pay almost a hundred times less prince for these girls. You may have been confused about hiring reasonably priced elite escorts. but the twist is hidden in the next point. Carry on!

Disadvantages of hiring agency escorts: 

If premium escorts are so costly, why should you hire them? You may have hired low-cost agency escorts, but what are their quality? After spending the entire day with other clients all year round, can a call girl pay attention to you? 

If you touch the girl, she will be irresponsive. The girl will show hardly any affection for physical relationships and sensuality. Can anyone feel erotic pleasure in a physical relationship when she has been serving at least 90,000 clients per year? The sensual organs have stopped sensing delicate excitement on the skin or any part of the body. Even so, they might not secret the fluid during sex. You have to spend a night with boring companionship where there is no fun or sex and there are no words to utter to make friends for the night. If the girl does not show intimacy during the lovemaking sessions, it will be like rape without any complaint. 

Probably, your hand would be the best “activist” to enjoy for the night with a TV playing adult porn movies, you need not hire an escort. As you have booked her, you have to tolerate her for the night. But you have probably paid for it without any fruitful meaning. In conclusion, you might not have any requirements for hiring agency escorts.

Tips for hiring a reputable agency escort:

Still, there are some agencies are supplying the best escorts to meet your demands. Here are some tips for choosing the best agency escorts:

They will not tell you to pay if you are in a hotel room and show the authenticity (booking slip, room number confirmation, etc.)

  • They should have girls of all categories who are jolly, amiable, hot, and appealing. 
  • They must send the escorts in time so that your night must not spend in annoyance. 
  • Know their rating and reviews before booking their escorts. Rating and reviews tell a lot about the service they provide. 
  • They have to confirm that all the ladies or models they are promising to provide will be fresh girls, not regular call girls or prostitutes.
  • They must provide authentic incall and outcall services in the star-rated hotel, lodges or special bars.
  • They have to provide security by enjoying the escorts for the entire night.
  • Among them, you have to be careful about the escort agencies about the money and their insistence on payment. If they play that trick, be carefull.
delhi escorta

Comparison between independent and agency escorts

After going through the entire article, you must have understood that independent escorts are best. But here is the glossary with a comparison of independent and agency escorts:

  • Independent escorts are regulated by a manager, and they always offer the best category premium grade models or the escorts that you demand, while the agency escorts are low grade highly used call girls.
  • Independent escorts always play a great role in sex as they are merely involved in regular sex. The agency escorts are highly used to call girls or prostitutes that provide services from the morning to the evening each day.
  • The cost of independent escorts is always higher than that of agency escorts. So, be sure if any agency promises to provide low-cost premium independent escorts. They are fake.
  • Independent escorts’ managers will ask you questions and will try to confirm your authenticity without asking for money in advance. However, the agency escorts may play tricks to ask for money and offer low-quality services or not services! Be careful!
  • Independent escorts and their managers always offer their services with the confirmation of premium-level safety and a no-distortion guarantee. Whereas agency escorts may not offer the same. 
  • Independent escorts always offer premium-level satisfaction showing their premium approach, appeal, and sensuality. On the other hand, agency escorts are highly used prostitutes or call girls. They will lack the appeal of having sex or will not respond to your titillating activities. 
  • Premium elite escorts always provide outcall services and the agency escorts offer incall and outcall services where incall services are maximum.  

Which escorts are suitable for you?

If you ask us to suggest you the best escorts for your need. We will tell you that it is up to your choice and preference. After going through all these authentic descriptions, you will understand which service is better and why

  • If you want premium-level enjoyment in having sex, emotion, sentiment, appeal, poses and postures, you have to contact independent escorts.
  • You have understood independent escorts are premium and elite. So, their charges are quite predictably high. When money is not a matter, you should choose independent escorts. 
  • When you require a friend to gossip with, have an enjoyable evening with a lavish dinner, secret sharing, or expose your speech of mind with somebody sensible and lovely, you should hire independent escorts. Your boring moments will be filled with unmatched joy and boredom will come to an end. 
  • If you do not have enough capacity to enjoy a premium escort, you should go for reliable agency escorts.
  • If you are satisfied with the oral ejaculation and not much sensible lovemaking sessions, you can hire agency escorts.
  • When you are just rushed through behind sex with a girl and emotional attachment is not mandatory, go for the agency escorts. 

So, select the girls in accordance with the demand and capability to avail of them. 


Therefore, you have understood why independent escorts are always better than any other escort services. The people who desire to enjoy premium and elite escorts in your bed. Deception is never observed in independent escort services, where it is common for agency escorts. Relieving all your stresses, premium escorts will offer you the best enjoyment, friendship, gossiping, company, love, sex, poses, and postures. Agency escorts may not cover all these areas and lead you into some deceiving situations. Choosing your escort service must be logical and intellectual to confirm maximum pleasure in mind and body. 

So, choose premium independent escorts for premium pleasure. We recommend you book your premium and elite escorts from a reputed company like Tulika Jain. What are you waiting for? Call the manager now and book now!


QA 1: Are independent escorts more reliable than agency escorts?

Yes, independent escorts are more reliable than agency escorts. Independent escorts are regulated by agencies, and independent escorts are managed by managers. 

Independent escorts are not professionals, and they stay engaged in their own jobs. Models, IT professionals, air hostesses, students, and housewives all stay busy in their regular lives. Giving enjoyment to the clients is their partial service. They never disclose their numbers to the clients. So, the managers manage their service, guide them, and communicate on behalf of the clients. 

The managers will inform you of their availability and check your (clients’) reliability. They never demand your money in advance. Rather, they ask questions regarding your present stay, hotel booking receipt, and more to authenticate your presence. Asking for no money in advance is proof of reliability. 

But the agency escorts will ask you for money in advance. Check yourself out and decide for yourself. You must tell us that independent escorts are always reliable.

QA 2: How can I ensure the safety and legitimacy of independent escorts?

Most businesses operate with give-and-take policies. But, if you experience getting your products first and paying later if you feel it is genuine, won’t you feel the service is legitimate?

We have a wide network of independent escorts and service-providing premium hotels. If you are in one of those hotels, you will surely get safe service. 

Finally, you can rely on the service managers, who offer escort first and then ask for money. Never rely on the person who demands money first. 

QA 3: What are the benefits of choosing agency escorts over independent escorts?

If you get genuine agency escorts, you can save some bucks. Independent escorts may drain your pocket through a large hole. They are professional call girls and do not provide services every day from the morning to the evening. But you can avail yourself of some benefits if you choose agency escorts. Let’s go ahead with the benefits:

  • They are affordable. 
  • They are beautiful. 
  • They are good-looking and friendly. 
  • They are experienced enough to accept all sex poses and postures.
  • You can expect oral, vaginal, and anal lovemaking sessions. 

You can enjoy sex with call girls or agency escorts, but with independent escort services, you will get romance, foreplay, and the real charm of lovemaking like your love partner-close and cordial.  

QA 4: Do agency escorts offer a wider range of services compared to independent escorts?

Agency escorts can offer all the services that an independent escort can provide. You can expect oral, anal, or vaginal lovemaking sessions. But there are a lot of areas where the agency escorts cannot perform. 

To understand the fact, you have to deep into the system of escort services of these two types. 

Agency escorts are professional call girls or from morning to evening clients satisfying prostitutes. They might be top-class beautiful models or classy women. What more would you expect from a lady who serves 7 to 9 clients in her duty hours? Their romance, sensuality, response to the touch, and pleasure in having sex have eloped forever. 

So, you can enjoy the girls for the night to ejaculate with the support of a vagina or oral sex (if she supports it). You can never expect a romantic response, sexy vocal sound, and wrenching of the body when you approach to foreplay.

On the contrary, from the very beginning to the end, the independent elite escorts will show you sex appeal, stunning looks, physical appeal, and top-notch sexual excitement when you both stay closer.

The lady proactively enjoys your dick and starts massaging on the hot stick. On the other hand, they will indicate you to make her ready for the hot performance. You are allowed to undress the lady wherever you want. Just get nude together and touch her in every way, massage the nipple and the breast mildly, and titillate the clitoris. Start it with your lip and tongue. The girl will show an utter response to your performance. 

Now you can start all types of sensual pleasure, lovemaking poses and postures, and gradually reach the climax of orgasm. Carry on your slow and high sprint to make her happy or enjoy herself more. Erotic pleasure will be more enjoyable when the lady responds like tender leaves and jumps on you like a wild tigress. An independent elite escort can offer you the ultimate English pleasure to play with your cum. They love to do it. 

A premium escort lady can offer all these sensual pleasures, whereas agency escorts remain inert during your sex. Agency escorts remain irresponsive during sex, and you will feel utterly disappointed. But independent escorts are the powerhouse of sex.

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