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Is It Safe to Hire Independent Escort Girl in Delhi

Escort service is a booming business all around the globe and it does have a huge impact in India as well. Delhi, the capital of the nation, serves a sea of Delhi escorts services whether through agencies or an independent one. This industry rakes in crores in one day in Delhi itself.

Despite catering the owners in such a pleasant manner when it comes to monetary terms, many of the customers remain in confusion about legality of hiring an escort and the confusion develops more when it comes to hire an Delhi Escorts.

Its About Companionship and NOT Prostitution

While the word Escort is defined differently from Prostitution, there are still chances that you might put yourself in trouble by enlightening yourself with the company of an escort. But for one reason even if you two are getting intimate after meeting doesn’t mean you are doing something illegal. Basically Delhi escorts or independent escorts in Delhi are mainly meeting you for a time period with commitment to companionship and not any sexual activity, unless or otherwise mutual with consent of both the individuals if they are adults of legal age. Although most of the girls providing escort service in Delhi are pretending to be of legal adult age including the college girl escorts in Delhi. But each person should individually check the age before hiring any such services.

To give you an appropriate idea, let us discuss things lawfully.

Escorts are just people who are supposed to escort or accompany people to various places. Or they are the ones who can eliminate your solitude by spending some time with you at some specific place of agreement. The commitment involves a pay off for from the client end to the escort in Delhi for her time to be spent with him. And above all the escort who is visiting is doing this as her/his own will and no illegal methods or forceful impositions are not involved.

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What About Prostitutes

On the other hand, prostitutes are just paid for sex, and they are not asked to escort anyone to various destinations. Usually, you can hear the technically used word “INCALL” when offering escorts service in Delhi. Whenever you hear this word you must stay away from such people or escort agencies in Delhi. Incall, the word itself sounds clearly of offering prostitution. “Incall escort service“, as some people refer to is another synonymous phrase to inviting a client to the location of a prostitute or a call girl in Delhi; same as calling some to a KOTHA in GB Road. You go there – Pay a minimal amount – Fuck the prostitute in her room – Walk away. So in short availing of escort service from someone who offers incall services is purely ILLEGAL.

What About Independent Delhi Escorts

Now, if we go by the general understanding, it is safe to hire an independent Delhi escort Service as paying someone just to accompany you for quality time is not defined as a crime. But there are many factors elaborated by law to define whether or not an escort service falls into the category of a punishable offense. In simple words, an individual meeting someone in return of monetary favors or financial benefits is legal unless they have an agreement for sexual activities involved. As far as there is no commitment of sex and seduction it is purely legal. It is like hiring manpower services for temporary events in an individual’s personal matter or professional matters.

Why Only Through the Internet

Most escort service providers in Delhi earn their clients from the internet world as it is easy and less expensive to advertise and to mark a presence in the business. And, if you are not a regular customer of the service, you will also use search engines to find one. Apart from this one question arise in the minds of everyone; Why these escort service providers are not having an office somewhere in a commercial space or market like any other business have? The reason can be defined as follows:

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Why Escorts in Delhi Do Not Have a Physical Office

  1. Only Services – No Products –

    As one can understand the way of working of these escort agencies, they provide only the services and no product, so either you have a physical office or not – hardly matters. It is like hiring a person for a particular job from an online job portal like or Indeed, where you mention your requirements and the candidates ready for the job reach out to you. But here its the other way round AND its a Niche you are looking candidates for in particular.
    Total Time 2 hrs

  2. Booking Over Call or Whatsapp is Enough

    When no product is there then you can book it online or through calling them over Phone and Whatsapp or similar applications. It is an easy, convenient, and time-saving approach. Quick connection saves a lot of time visiting and then discussing. Sometimes one feels shy about talking face to face, so behind the phone, they feel confident.

  3. Doorstep Delivery is Always Preferred

    Most of escorts in Delhi are available to visit your location and commute methods like cab services OLA and UBER save the day. So instead of rushing in the traffic of Delhi to go and pick somewhere after waiting for a long time, I am sure you would like to have them arrive at your doorstep while waiting in the AC room.

  4. They Are not registered Companies or Individuals

    Like any other business in India or Delhi, these escort agencies or independent Delhi escorts are not registered entities but Freelancers. These freelancers work mostly on a part-time basis so they do not need a physical office to sit and spend the whole day there. Instead, they just wait for a booking over the phone and make travel arrangements as soon as they receive a confirmation from the client end.

According to Section 8 ( (Seducing or soliciting for purpose of prostitution) of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 – any individual who “in a public place…by words, gestures, willful exposure of his person, or otherwise tempts or endeavors to tempt, or attracts or endeavors to attract the attention of, any person” or “solicits or molests any person, or loiters or acts in such manner as to cause obstruction or annoyance…or to offend against public decency” for the purpose of prostitution is committing a punishable criminal offense.

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The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act defines a “public place” as “any place intended for use by, or accessible to, the public and includes any public conveyance.”

Small Conclusion 1 – According to this law, websites offering escort services can’t be termed as public places.

Cyber law expert, Pavan Duggal, Supreme Court advocate, says (  “The law is silent on what constitutes escorts websites”. In reference to the Information Technology Act, of 2000, he further said: “However, if the escort websites use language which is obscene, lascivious, and indecent or appeals to prurient interests, then the escort websites come within the ambit of illegality and can be booked for online obscenity”.

Small Conclusion 2 – If the website offering escort service presents itself in the aforesaid language then it is the illegal one.

Final Conclusion: –

So, if you are in need of or want a female companion to spend quality time with, you can hire an independent escort by crawling through their websites. To keep you on the safer side, have a proper look into the website to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the ambit of a study related to small conclusion 2 before fixing an appointment with an escort. Also keep in mind to not have a conversation inclusive of words or style of conversation that depicts a sexual intention, via any mode such as call, chat, or mail with your selective escort. The answer to the question “Is it safe to hire an independent Escorts girl in Delhi?” is YES, if you go by the way outlined in the Final Conclusion.

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